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Vuka Tours

We are a proudly South African events and project management company focusing particularly on meetings, conferences and lifestyle events, with a diverse portfolio of services in events management, branding, communications, public relations, and tour services.

The company was established by an experienced member who made a mark in corporate tourism and events since 2001. Vuka Tours and Kassy Entertainment Projects hold an acolade of awards including 2006 Premier’s Excellence Awards finalist, 2005 Tourist Guide Of The Year, 2004 Premier’s Youth Awards, Entrepreneur of The Year as well as the first Young Free Stater of the year, 2003 SAB Kick Start Runner-ups and 2001/2 ETEYA (Emerging Tourism Entrepreneur Of The Year Award) finalist.

We work in a close partnership with our respective customers and accredited enterprises to offer a service that sets unique standards in the projects management field. The diverse skills and considerable experience within personnel gives us the ability to stand out and customise every project irrespective of size or budget.

OUR VISION – To be a major role player in the meetings, conference and life style fields by setting new bench marks in service delivery and customised customer care.

OUR MISSION – We render a high standard service regardless of the size of the project, by regularly finding new innovative ways to cater for customer needs, and streamlined solution offering.

We pride ourselves in offering timely and satisfactory results;
Our customer needs always come first;
We offer a value added service with guaranteed results.

To offer a dynamic and compact service whilst building customer based strategies that will improve service and product feasibility.

Our strategy is to have an organic growth within a certain term so to better our service delivery mandate and skills development within the business. We have set new business strategies that encompass tour operating and event management.

We offer a bio-diverse service through a vast medium of products and services, that will cater for micro and macro based businesses as well as government.

We have an ability to tailor our services to meet customers expectations and specification.

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